Yes Dear

Manitoba white honey branding


This was a design project where I brand a type of white honey that can only be found in Manitoba, Canada. The business was my attempt was to build a small business around this honey as my first attempt as an entrepreneur. This case study focuses on the web design and branding element of the product.

The design inspiration

My initial design direction was to design a logo that applies visual cues to inflict certain emotions and/or memories that are closely related to honey, which is the rule of thumb for any good design. When it comes to honey brands, more often than not you will see these items repeating itself from design to design, and they are:

  • Bee
  • Hexagon
  • Dripping droplet
  • Bear
  • Flowers
  • Honey jar
Different brands of honey

However, I wanted something interesting, something with a flair that turns a few heads now and then. I've decided to come up with something radical after binge-watching one of my favourite show "Friends" with some Butterfingers.

Yes dear.

My train of thoughts

Few design directions were being tossed around for a little while, however, nothing else but the irony and sweetness were the only things that stick. (Wink*)

Color and typography

Honey has been a household remedy for easing sickness, natural preservation for food, and also an emergency food resource during crises for the longest time. Kindness and helpfulness is how we identify honey.

I want to portrait kindness, warm and energetic with the kind of yellow, red and blue. The main purpose of the color Blue is to create a harmonic contrast against the bright color palette, makes it easier to drive the audiences' attention when needed.

Brand, tone and design

The brand design of "Yes Dear" builds around the joke of Chandler being himself(sarcastic), where he agrees with his "honey" Monica whether he agrees or not. Not only that's when the punch line "Yes dear" comes into play, but it is also an act of sweetness to support his significant other unconditionally.

Result and takeaways

Yes Dear Brand Identity

Thanks to friends and families, the first batch got sold out within a week. However, this project failed to fully develop into a sustainable business because of the lack of marketing effort and understanding of the honey retail industry in Hong Kong.

I had a lot of fun letting my imagination flow, and it was really satisfying when I was able to tell the story the way how I envisioned it. I do hope to improve this project in the future, to turn this into a reality rather than staying as a joke.

What's your story?

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