Online Digital Library of Traditional Games (Brazil)

Online Digital Library of Traditional Games is a joint collaboration between UNESCO and Tencent, hoping to preserve traditional games in the form of a digital archive. Since the rise of multiplayer online games, Traditional games are no longer the cradle of our younger generations. Little by little, humanity will lose its identity sooner or later if no one takes immediate action.

"Online Digital Library of Traditional Games" (ODLTG) is a digital collaboration between UNESCO and Tencent, to resurrect traditional cultural games in the form of an online digital library.

I was the only translator who also generates marketing contents
  • Multilingual translation — I was responsible for refining the translation from Portuguese to English, and translating
  • Institution collaboration — Crosspost interviews and articles with MIT on Twitter and Facebook
  • Generated readers' interests — 2.6K views on Medium with interviews conducted in Brazil


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  1. Global scale project — the interviews and researches requires a huge amount of research across different continents
  2. Lack of digital information — traditional games were never a profit machine, people are not so keen about the topics, not to mention preserving the information on the internet
  3. Context conservation during translation — languages are constructed by contexts, words like sophistication are more likely to be unique to English than any other languages. How to preserve the context without confusing the readers is difficult
  4. Small hidden groups with low exposure — typically traditional games are preserved within cultural groups, where most do not bother to create or maintain digital footprints, reaching out to them requires strong networking skills and governmental supports

What's I've learnt

UNESCO Brazil meeting with Tencent
  • Context is king — the way how one tells the story determines how well your readers will buy-in.
  • Mutually beneficial cross-posting — cross-posting marketing is like cross-pollination: when groups of audiences share common interests, the message gets spread fast and wide.
  • Always reach out — most people wanted their stories to be heard, one will never run out of great stories to tell as long as you reach out.


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