A Rubik's Cube made out of water

I'm a product builder and communication wizard based in Hong Kong. I build products that customers love by bridging the gap between business, user experience and technical stuff. From start-ups to unicorns, I've grown my expertise in product management, full-stack development, user-centric design, digital marketing and project management. Some amazing companies I've worked with are Tencent, UNESCO, Kao Corporation, Tink Labs and BloomMe.

While growing up between Canada and Hong Kong since childhood, and navigating through international teams across Canada, Brazil, India, Israel, Korea, and Hong Kong throughout my career, I've trained to become an effective communicator and mediator. Also, being able to understand English, Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, and a tiny bit of Hebrew definitely makes things a bit easier.

I strongly believe that a person's value is determined by their helpfulness, regardless of their location, position, status, or what they are doing. I'm grateful that I had the privilege to receive good quality educations and opportunities. That is why I like to give back whenever I can by volunteering to teach English at Principal Chan free tutorial world, mentoring startups and first-time entrepreneurs at Startup Weekend, and also helping NGOs through volunteering at Localmotion. I don't have to be a billionaire or a multinational CEO to start making the world a better place.

Building things have been my second nature ever since childhood; boxes of Lego, Gundam models and all-time favourite novel Sherlock Holmes had inspired me to always be building thoughtfully. Shortly after graduating from the full-stack programming Bootcamp in 2018, Andrew and I co-founded Cohort 6 Productions to help SMEs and entrepreneurs to build helpful web and mobile applications through our network of programmers.

During spare time, I enjoy spilling my thoughts and experiences on Medium about product management, personal growth and leadership. "An unexamined life is not worth living," is a motto that I personally live by. Even though there's still space to improve. still, I really enjoy the moments where my thought process flows through the clicks and clacks like the melting river in Spring. Also, it always brings me great joy whence I know my experiences are being helpful to those who share similar struggles.