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What I've Learned by Analyzing 41,584 Product Management Posts

Using data to answer important questions is less difficult than imagining. Simply using a native integration between Google Data Studio and Google Sheet, and the help of Google Cloud Script is more than enough. Stop slicing chicken for dinner with an Excalibur.
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How to prepare for a product career while still in school

Interview with the founder of the podcast "Now What" — Gabriele Zennaro. A podcast that aims to help students and recent grads to navigate their way into the tech industry. As a student and aspiring product manager, Gabriele’s podcast features conversations with veterans in the industry, such as Ish Verduzco, Jonathan Tesser, and Amy Miller to name a few. Inspired by his spirit and focus, I had the pleasure to pick his brain on how to grow a community as an undergraduate.
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The no-BS, growth-focused and deliverable-focused scrum framework

The hybrid framework for product managers and scrum masters to translate high-level growth to actionable.
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How dating apps sabotage your chances at finding love through design?

When modern-day instant love meets the reality of game theory.

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