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Blogs I like

A list of blogs that I find intriguing, where I can always rely on them to teach me something new.
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Best 14 interview questions for hiring Product Managers and Designers

Hiring is one of the few ways to increase intellectual assets for any organization. Ironically, Hiring might be one of the most overlooked processes there is. Searching "best interview questions to ask" on Google, dreaming that the cliche questions like "what is your weakness/strength" will bring in top-notch talents to solve our billion-dollars problems.
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Is "Essentialism" necessary?

A good Product Manager only focuses on what's important, trimming out the noise while staying no to lower priorities. However, the negative effect of applying Essentialism without the right sets of guiding values is surprisingly detrimental.

Values I swear by

A personal list of principles and values that I always keep close to my heart. Because life will always throw you challenges that will diverge you from your focus, and only a clear set of principles will help you get back to the right track even when sidetracked.
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Online Digital Library of Traditional Games (Brazil)

Online Digital Library of Traditional Games is a joint collaboration between UNESCO and Tencent, hoping to preserve traditional games in the form of a digital archive. Since the rise of multiplayer online games, Traditional games are no longer the cradle of our younger generations. Little by little, humanity will lose its identity sooner or later if no one takes immediate action.
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Punny 8-bit pixel art

A passion project on combining 8-bit retro pixel design with dank memes and puns that are punny as hell.
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POS with built-in stock market pricing mechanism

From designing the interface to deploying the code to AWS, four HK full-stack programmers (Andrew, Harrison, Judith, and myself) have developed a proof-of-concept within 4 weeks time without prior programming experience; a web-based POS for restaurants with a built-in stock market pricing mechanism for items on the menu to encourage sales. This is a showcase of the journey itself.
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Google CRM script automation

A case study about saving time and operational cost by building a lightweight, automated CRM with Google Sheets and Google App Scripts for Cohort 6 Productions.
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14 must-have documentations for building scalable products painlessly

What you should do before writing a single line of code.
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What I've Learned by Analyzing 41,584 Product Management Posts

Using data to answer important questions is less difficult than imagining. Simply using a native integration between Google Data Studio and Google Sheet, and the help of Google Cloud Script is more than enough. Stop slicing chicken for dinner with an Excalibur.

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